- School of Supernatural Outreach -

School Overview


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As part of the REACH School, you will…

  • Learn & explore the supernatural works of God
  • Cultivate personal growth in God’s presence through prayer & worship
  • Hear first hand stories from people who have seen God do miracles
  • Develop effective ways for local & cross-cultural outreach
  • Grow your faith through personal application & practical ministry

Sessions will be lead by experienced leaders in a highly interactive learning format with opportunities for practical application in both classroom and local outreach settings.



  • Christ’s Work of Atonement for all Humanity
  • Prayer & Intercession
  • Deliverance – Christ’s Supremecy
  • Gifts & Fruit of the Holy Spirit
  • Divine Healing
  • Moving in the Supernatural
  • Healing and Miracles
  • Practical Prophetic Ministry
  • Spiritual Warfare and Breaking Strongholds
  • Understanding and Reaching World Religions
  • Discovery Bible Studies and Discipleship



  • REACH 2013 was held in Cape Town, South Africa (click here to see video clips and pictures from this school)
  • REACH 2014 was held in Lancaster, PA, USA with the outreach in Cape Town South Africa
  • REACH 2015 held in Cape Town, South Africa in April 2015 and in Ephrata, PA  USA in October 2015.