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Testimonies from Reach in past years

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Sheila  2013

Most important things I learned:

  • Importance of being found in Christ, loved by Him so that I might pour then fullness of Him out
  • Make obedient disciples

Strategies implemented:

  • Dedication to God’s word-day by day. Caring about the word of God, taking Him at His word and allowing faith to grow instead of any roots of unbelief due to questioning
  • Resolve to be established in obedience moved by the Holy Spirit by being in direct communication through prayer.


Daniel 2013

What is the most important change?

  • I have learned that the riches of the Lord have been in my heart- and will continue to be placed in my heart… … the water of the Lord is starting to flow out of my heart. I have discovered my relationship with Jesus is more important than any other relationship-because without this relationship I wont be able to lay any hurts, burdens or anything else from life on Him.
  • Jesus enabled me to start to lay down walls and trust that He will protect me. He showed me just how much work it is to try to control everything-and I’m learning to give Him any weight, burden and sense of control or self-protection, and just be FREE in Him, and love Him like a child, and love others like a child.
  • I have predestined for a plan and purpose – GOD will bring this to fulfillment because he placed it in my heart for his glory. He is asking me not to strive, but to simply SUBMIT and SURRENDER, and to just ABIDE in Him-He will do the rest. I need not WORRY but REJOICE.


Pastor Davis 2013

Two teachings that touched my heart

  1. Spiritual gifts and fruit of the spirit
  2. Reproducing Disciples


More Testimonies:

I really appreciated: 

  1. Kevin and his ability to teach for two hours just from his testimony, and it was very encouraging to hear about his relationship with God, it makes me more excited to dig into my relationship with God and get intimate with God and my relationship with the Holy Spirit.
  2. I was very much was encouraging by all the teaching on the kingdom and God’s lordship over us. I thought it was cool that the kingdom was a reoccurring subject and how each person put a new aspect/light to it.
  3. It was sweet to learn more about the personality of the Holy Spirit.


 – It was the first time I experience and being in a Reach school. The teaching was really awesome just what I needed.


– Reach school really made a child out of me, it is a desire of mine to do something for God. I feel so bold to go out there into the streets and speak to people about God.