- School of Supernatural Outreach -

Disciples Making Disciples

Practical Training on Making Disciples


  • In Matt. 28 Jesus gives the Great Commission that is to go into all the world and make Disciples. This command is given to all believers not just those who seem “best suited” because of their personality or gifting.
  • Involvement in the expansion of God’s Kingdom is for all Christians.
  • Reach equips each believer in supernatural outreach and making disciples.
  • We provide a unique Biblical perspective on sharing Jesus as well as simple tools to help make disciples. Our philosophy is that Jesus is already present in the places we are reaching out. We are not bringing Him, He is already there. We are simply finding where He is already working and joining Him in it.
  • In Reach people come alive in sharing their walk with the Lord and are released to find where Jesus is already busy reaching those who don’t know Him. Students are freed from the intimidation of having to know all the answers as they learn to simply follow Jesus as He prepares and opens the way.
  • Reach equips believers to identify and work with “sons of peace” as described by Jesus in Luke 10.


We are excited as students describe how reaching out with the supernatural power and life of Christ has become super-normal.